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New For 2023 The Backjoy Range

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

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Customer Led Design

Contoured to your body shape

High Quality Fabric

Keep cool with our unique breathable covers

Proud Sponser Of KBS Racing

Providing Cushioning In The Harshest Environments

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This seat cushion has transformed my car seat into a soft comfy seat that no longer hurts my back and legs to drive.  If you feel your car seat is a bit to big or hard for you this product is spot on!

Seat Softener Comfort Cushion

Makes it so much easier for my elderly mother to get in and out of the car. Easy to install and easily taken off the seat when not needed. Very robust and comfortable with a soft feel cover.

Turning Cushion

On long journeys I have been getting backache. Age no doubt or it could be our Mini Coopers hard seats and ride. Anyway yesterday I drove for six hours and had no backache. That's all you want to know. It worked for me!

Plush Lumbar Support